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◇ products purposes:

The main machine for spinning 75 ~ 300 dtex PP POY filament, equipment spinning good quality and winding diameter, easy to operate, is producing polypropylene drawn yarn and
Stretch increase ideals before spinning equipment. 

◇ main technical indicators

1: refined silk size: 75 ~ 330 dtex

2: mechanical speed: 1800 m / min

3: spinning speed: 1000 ~ 1600 m / min

4: Total number of positions: 2 × 4 = 8

5: Each spinneret: 4

6: site spacing: 900 mm

7: Screw specifications: Φ90 mm (aspect ratio 28:1)

8: Winding the first few and tow: 1 Taiwan Winder /-4 beam silk / Winder

9: Vol equipment specifications: Φ89 × Φ360 × 120

10: silk pie Weight: 8 ~ 10 kg / a

11: bobbin size: Φ75 × Φ89 × 150

12: capacity: 148 Kw

13: output: 2.6 tons (at 120 D, spinning speed 1300 m / min dollars) 

◇ main components and mechanical characteristics: 

1. Screw Extruder 2 sets: diameter Φ90 mm; aspect ratio 28:1; using AC motor drive, and Frequency Control, transmission power 22 Kw; 5 section aluminum jacket heating; heating power of 25 Kw; screw speed 20-80 r / min; largest extrusion capacity of 165 kg / h (PP).

2. Extruded first two sets: aluminum Jacket heating, melt pressure sensor installed, melt pressure control, participation screw speed control. Pipeline also equipped with temperature sensors, one can show that the melt temperature, facilitate adjustment process.

3. Spinning Box 2 sets: The resistance heating, biphenyl or high-temperature synthesis of conducting oil is used for heating medium, uniform heating, insulation yielded a good result.

4. Spinning components 32 sets (at 2:1 configuration): tops of rectangular components, pressure from close closure; spinneret diameter Φ70 mm..

5. Metering pump and gear four sets: 4 × 4.0cc/rev trip of a metering pump, synchronous motor drive, variable frequency control, measurement accuracy uniform.

6. Quench and Ningbo plant four sets.

7. Winding rack 1 set: Casting box-type structure, which greatly raised the rack stability and reduce mechanical vibration.

8.Inverted oil device 1 set: tanker Φ150 × 160 mm, 4 1 control, variable frequency adjustment control, convenient dispensing volume adjustments.

9. Winding Machine 8: wall-mechanical speed of 1800 m / min.

10. Gas path components 1 set: by tapping compressed air filters filter to enhance the quality of winding machine gas source.

11. Control box four sets: manual control buttons, stainless steel panel, pleasing in appearance.

12. Suction silk gun one, spinning special instruments 1 set.

13. Electrical control counters 3: spinning Electrical cabinet integrated one, winding Electrical cabinet integrated one, screw Electrical cabinet integrated one, variable frequency control.
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